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Workplace Knowledge System

Workplace Knowledge System

    ‘tacit knowing’: ‘we can know more than we can tell’  -  Polanyi



What do you do when you need to fix a lawnmower?  
More than likely you don't go looking for the manual.  Instead you go onto Youtube, find a video of someone fixing a lawnmower and follow their example.  If you find the video useful you might even “like” it.  Job done.
There are some very good reasons, however, why has this approach not been adopted in manufacturing industry:   there is no quality control;  the information may be propriatory company information that should not be made available to people outside the company;  besides, would anyone in the company go to the trouble of making and uploading a video?
But what if...?
Workplace Knowledge System
The Workplace Knowledge System (WKS) is a Content Management System (CMS) tailored for the specific needs of manufacturing industry that embraces the best ideas from social media in an enterprise-friendly way.  

While existing CMS can handle a company's formal documents, the collection and dissemination of tacit knowledge and the social and cultural aspects of knowledge systems are not fully exploited.

Tacit knowledge is the kind of knowledge that is difficult to transfer from person to person using written manuals or spoken presentations. With tacit knowledge, people may not even be aware of the knowledge they possess nor of its value to others.

The social and cultural aspects of knowledge systems include such issues as how to encourage people to contribute to others the knowledge they themselves have aquired through years of practical experience.  


Real World Benefits of WKS

WKS has completed Phase I development and is currently being piloted by a number of ICMR member companies. They have identified specific areas in their manufacturing process where WKS can offer benefits and have installed WKS with a view to realising these benefits:

  • Reduction in the need for on-call support
  • Fewer ‘How-To’ tickets
  • Easier dissemination of new knowledge
  • Reduction in time to train
  • Reduction in time complete a task
  • Reduction in mean time to repair (MTTR) / downtime
  • Retention and exploitation of tacit knowledge

Next Steps

In tandem with the pilots, WKS is going through a 2nd phase of development that will strenghten the social media and tacit knowledge related features as well as implement the feedback from the pilots.  
Once Phase II is complete WKS will be ready to be released as a product.
To register an interest in WKS, or to get involved in the pilots and influence the future direction of WKS,  or to simply learn more about the benefits of ICMR membership please...


The Workplace Knowledge System is being developed in partnership with a number of our member and partner companies. 

Research Team

Case Studies

Partner Company Impacts


The Workplace Knowledge System is available on limited release.  Please contact us to learn more.

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