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Gaining deeper insight and understanding into how complex manufacturing operations work is key to making informed decisions about extracting greater value and efficiencies from those systems; whether that be making decisions around capital investment, determining the sources of bottlenecks in a manufacturing line, maximising efficiencies in a supply-chain or deploying skilled resources effectively.  While it is sometimes possible to look at these systems using traditional planning techniques, these do not give the depth of insight that advanced analytical techniques, such as Discrete Event Simulation, to fully understand the permutations possible in these systems or to map out “what-if” scenarios.

Typically, simulation requires the use of expensive software tools in the hands of expert users.  Whilst these solutions can offer very detailed analysis and visualisation of complex systems, the entry point is often cost prohibitive for many manufacturing companies, particularly small and medium sized companies.  Commercial offerings require significant training for users and are often too complex to be utilised by non-specialist engineering and production teams as an easy access problem-solving tool.


ICMR, in partnership with the Enterprise Process Research Centre (EPRC) in Dublin City University, has identified an unmet need from manufacturing organisations that gives fast and effective answers to a huge variety of manufacturing planning questions and scenarios.  ICMR research is focused on delivering an easily accessible, on-demand simulation solution that does not require extensive training or licensing costs for the end-user.  Please get in touch if you’d like to understand more how ICMR simulation research can deliver productivity improvements to your organisation, including in the following areas:


Many of our analyses are based around modelling specific sections of manufacturing lines. These analyses result in the determination of economical batch sizes, Bottlenecks and can address capital investment investigation queries.


This type of analysis has been applied to complex manufacturing processes where there have been high mix low volume product runs, various line constraints and cycle time is seen as a key process indicator.


People are one of the most important assets of any organisation; in this area we have experience in headcount requirement/utilization analysis, optimized allocation of personnel based on availability/training matrices and travel analysis by personnel for different process configurations.


The ICMR Cycle-Time Simulation research is a very successful collaboration between ICMR and the Enterprise Process Research Centre (EPRC) in Dublin City University and a number of ICMR member companies including Boston Scientific, Ceramicx, Intel, Pfizer, Seagate Technologies and Vistakon.

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The research team have looked at a wide range of industry types from Pharmaceuticals and Food Production to Medical Devices and Semiconductor Manufacturing in both SME and large/MNC manufacturing sites.  We are eager to hear from other companies and industries interested in exploring opportunities in this space.

If you’re interested in this research, please get in touch.

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