Alan O’Donovan Reasercher in Residence

Alan O’Donovan

Alan has worked in the area of Manufacturing with Intel Ireland since 1997 in various roles that include Production Technician, Process Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Statistical Data Analyst and most recently Alan was seconded to the Irish Centre for Manufacturing Research as a Program Manager. Alan holds a Bachelor of Science from Open University, Post Grad Diploma in Statistics from Trinity and is currently completing a Research Masters in Supply chain from Dublin City University.

As part of this latest role Alan has led the Cycle Time research program which is pushing the boundaries of current methodologies in the management of Manufacturing and Supply Chain operations. By applying this knowledge to real world problems across many different industries we're ensuring the development of robust techniques and tools that can make a real difference when it comes to getting the job done.  Alan's research interests lie in the area of applied Manufacturing Science ensuring that companies utilize the best tools that are available to them when looking to improve their process, reduce inventory and optimize the usage of all resources available to them.