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ICMR sign technology license agreement with Tecnalia

ICMR are pleased to announce that they have entered a technology licensing deal with Tecnalia, an independent, non-for-profit applied research centre based in Spain.  The license will see ICMR bring to market a novel, user-centric Schedule Optimization platform that is currently being customized under contract for one of our partner companies, for use within their production facility. 

The platform is a flexible production plan scheduler where the flexibility of the tool resides in its capability to find near optimal scheduling plans in highly-changing production environments undergoing different dynamic constraints (e.g. maintenance tasks manually inserted by plant managers).  The platform provides a multi-objective optimisation solution depending on the needs of the environment and user-group and can be adapted for use in highly aprallel tool-sets, serial processign, high-mix, low-volume prodcut enrivornments etc.  The platform has also been successfuly demsonastared to optimise energy efficiency criteria in highly complex manufacturing facilities where the scheduler can dynamically allocate the production forecast over the existing machinery so as to minimize the overall energy consumption of the production process.


This agreement is considered by both parties as the first stepping stone towards strengthening their collaboration by fostering new joint projects and initiatives.


ICMR ( is a not-for-profit research centre developing breakthrough technologies and solutions for manufacturing in partnership with leading multinational and SME companies based in Ireland. The membership of the centre comprises many indigenous SMEs and some of the biggest global names in Manufacturing from sectors including ICT, Pharmaceuticals, Food Products, Aeronautics and Medical Devices.

TECNALIA RESEARCH & INNOVATION ( is a private, independent, non-for-profit applied research centre of international excellence. Legally a Foundation, TECNALIA is the leading private and independent research and technology organisation in Spain and one of the largest in Europe, employing 1,419 people (164 PhDs) and with an income of 110 Million € in 2012. The whole team at TECNALIA has one goal: to transform knowledge into GDP, meaning wealth to improve people’s quality of life by generating business opportunities for industry. TECNALIA is committed to generate major impacts in economic terms by means of innovation and technological development addressed by 7 business divisions covering economic sectors of Energy, Industry, Transportation, Construction, Health and ICT. As a result, this commitment to applied research has produced 114 patents and 25 new technology-based companies, emerging from the innovations developed at its centers. Furthermore, TECNALIA currently ranks 20th in the European Research Ranking, out of more than 20,000 organizations that participate in the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union.

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