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Advanced Manufacturing Ireland - Workshop on Factory 4.0 and Additive Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing Ireland, the family of ICMR, i2e2 and Irish Manufacturing Research Ltd organised the 2nd workshop on the 2 themes of Factory 4 and Additive Manufacturing.  There were 51 companies in attendance for this event. Significant progress was made to develop proposals to be put to government  to run 2 RnD pilot lines under the thematic areas of Additive Manufacturing and Factory 4. 

Tom Kelly from Enterprise Ireland, divisional manager for cleantech, electronics and lifesciences, speaking on behalf of the IDA and EI,  presented to the audience, the government agencies perspective, on the building of an advanced manufacturing research centre to build on and compliment existing infrastructure in Ireland. A call was put to the industrial group to produce a detailed description of needs on requirements for this type of centre/s.

Barry Kennedy from Advanced Manufacturing Ireland and CEO of the Irish Centre for Manufacturing Research chaired the session for the day and gave a perspective on the mission of the current centre, along with outline proposals for the pilot lines.  

Feedback from those attending was very positive.  A quote from one of the delegates was that 'There was significant energy in the room and a real appetite to do something special for manufacturing in Ireland - great to see'. 

We look forward to the output of the next session which is chartered to produce a full proposal for the pilot lines for submission to enterprise Ireland in July.

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